First Wearables in Practice Symposium

The first Wearables In Practice Symposium was hosted by Fivoor at conference center De Kapel in Zeist on the 6th of September 2016. All presentations are available for download. The video for the Empatica E4 batch analysis tool is also available for download.


SpeakersPresentation (click to download)
Peter de Looff and Matthijs Noordzij — University of TwenteWelcome & introduction
Liza Cornet — Postdoctoral Researcher at University of TwenteQuantified self and the criminal justice system
Andrew Spink — Senior Consultant at Noldus ITPotential of wearables from the perspective of Noldus: Wearables for Wearable research
Ronnie Minnaard — Lecturer at department of Movement Sciences, Maastricht UniversityBITalino: a tool to explore psychophysiological reactions?
Anne-Marie Brouwer — Senior scientist at TNO Human FactorsA tool to estimate STRESS (MENTAL state) in real time
Stefania Rosanio and Naomi de KoningQuantified Self in FPC de Oostvaarderskliniek
Nina ten Hoor and Eveline Schippers — De WaagMeasuring Arousal in Exhibitionists with the Empatica E4
Renske Koordeman, Marieke Fokkink, and Stefanie Ceneus
Measuring sleep with the actiwatch in patients with severe and multiple disabilities
Petra Helmond — Senior onderzoeker Pluryn/IntermetzoLess stress! Towards a more effective stress-emotion regulation measurement and treatment for people with MBID
Youri Derks — Lecturer at University of TwenteSenseIT Continued: Enabling self-monitoring and feedback for Borderline patients, through a personal touch
Matthijs Noordzij and Peter de Looff — University of TwenteBatch analysis tool for E4 data