Digital Wearables In Practice Symposium


18th of May 2021 at 14:oo localtime

Dear Wearables In Practice enthusiasts,

Wearables in Practice (WIP) Symposia are regularly organized free of charge with various WIP members. The Symposia enable professionals working with wearable biosensors to come together and present their findings to each other and / or share their experiences of applying wearables in their field. During lunch and drinks at these symposia, there is ample opportunity to get to know each other, to ask questions, to exchange information and ideas to bring our field to the fore, both scientifically and in practice. Unfortunately, two previously planned physical meetings in Utrecht and Leiden had to be cancelled.

Because most WIP members are still ‘just’ at work with wearables, we organized a digital meeting, with short updates, on Tuesday 18 May. In short presentations  various speakers took the opportunity to show what they were doing.

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Maria Escala-Garcia (The Hyve)RADAR-base: the open-source platform for data collection in remote research studies and clinical trials
Radzies Wagenvoorde (Ipse de Bruggen)Running small pilots with wearable technology in a healthcare organization
Eiko Fried (Leiden University)Using wearables and complex systems theory to forecast depression Eiko Fried (Leiden University)
Daniela Gawehns, Klodiana Daphne Tona, Iris Yocarini and Stelios Paraschiakos (Leiden University)Wearables at Leiden University and LUMC
Anouk den Hamer (Noldus)Is there a need for a new wearable?
Willem van den Brink (TNO)Digital biomarkers for disease prevention and health maintenance
Lucy Overbeek (Radboud UMC)Wearables from the lab into practice with the Healthy Brain Study
Erwin Meinders (MenTech)HUME – New developments for real-time stress assessment
Saskia Koldijk (Utrecht University)Discussion on aggression and physiology